About Us

"Loud, Fast and Unrelenting"

HELGRIND are fast becoming known as the heaviest band in the UK, with their ruthless riffage and brutal delivery.

Formed in 2000, HELGRIND have been laying waste to the metal underground, fighting against the odds and battling to bring their ferocious no nonsense metal to the masses. The band has generated a cult following and earned themselves the title of Thrash Metal Icons and “One of the heaviest bands on the underground scene”. HELGRIND throw away the blueprint created in the 80’s on how thrash metal was meant to be played and created their own brand crossing all genres and aspects of metal and appealing to all metal fans.

HELGRIND have played 5 headline sell out tours of Europe, supported main acts such as Obituary, Hecate Enthroned and Return to the Sabbat, recently playing HRH Metal in 2020 and using it as a springboard to get signed to Metal Rocka Recordings.

A quick change on guitar due to Chris Durrant unable to carry on with the band, Joe Lyndon takes over to shore up the double guitar attack. This new lineup are busy working on new material and booked in to play some great festivals through 2021 and 2022.

A HELGRIND show is not for the feint hearted with their aggressive rhythms and incredible lead work. So get down the front, wreck shit up and don't forget your neckbrace!!!!!